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New Insight for a New Economy

BM Business Intelligence is a complete set of Web Reports for identifying new opportunities, measuring performance and managing risks. Act fast, make smarter decisions based on timely analysis of accurate data with BM Intelligence. BM Business Intelligence enables organizations to reach into the vast supply of information available in the new Internet Economy and rapidly turn it into real knowledge for decisions and action.
BM Business Intelligence also helps you, your business partners, and your customers implement industry-leading measurement technologies. It provides a framework for understanding key performance metrics -- and optimizing your operations. At BMMatrix we understand that only you know how to run your business. Our goal is to help you do what you do best: implement strategies for long-term success.

BM Business Intelligence includes the following components :

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Financial Intelligence
  • Purchasing Intelligence
  • Sales Intelligence

BM Business Intelligence offers knowledge management capabilities that help organizations connect "those who know" with "those who need to know." The cornerstone of these capabilities is an active information repository designed to house a range of information, including documentation, video and audio clips, intranets, and extranets.
BM Business Intelligence integrates information across the BMMatrix e-business platform, including supply chain analysis, customer relationship analysis, and e-commerce analysis -- all delivered through role-based BM Enterprise Portals including Internet enabled Wireless PDAs, phones or other end point access devices. (Anywhere, Anytime).

BM Business Intelligence offering includes:

  • Profitability - Reports to assess profitability of customers, products, and distribution channels.
  • Planning - Reports for business modeling, budgeting and forecasting.
  • Performance Management - Reports for setting performance targets andmonitoring exceptions.
  • Visually represent strategy and turn it into action .
  • Communicate goals throughout virtual, inter-enterprise teams .
  • Quickly adjust strategy to respond to market changes .
  • Monitor performance of key success factors using external and internal benchmarks .
  • Analyze and optimize performance based on a unified business model .

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