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e-Business Demands Open, Flexible and Internet Enabled Features

BMMatrix takes distributors & retailers into the next millennium using the most advanced and integrated features for Collaborative Commerce! It provides unprecedented power and flexibility in automating core back-end business operations such as: financial, supply chain management, inventory management, automated replenishment, inventory distribution, sales reporting and much more with the following key features:

  • 100% Internet Enabled : Built on J2EE architecture and Oracle 9i technology and conforming to all e-Business standards, BMMatrix transforms your business to e-Business.

  • Mission Critical Reliability : Core business processes are mission critical applications.BM Matrix ensures that your ERP and SCM communication infrastructure won't go down, lose a transaction, or mishandle vital information.

  • High Scalability : BMMatrix is designed to easily scale so that you don't have to worry about peak loads or future growth disrupting your business. Easily handling millions of complex business and e-commerce transactions per day, It can accommodate even the largest distribution, procurement and retail environments.

  • High Security : Business communication needs to be private, fully authenticated and secure. BMMatrix includes Oracle initiated encryption technology to provide maximum levels of security for all your business transactions.

  • Audit, Control & Archive : Critical business transactions and documents are required to be archived for extended periods of time, often several years or more. With hundreds of thousands of transactions per day, this can overwhelm less capable systems. BMMatrix automatically logs all transactions and archives all information required for future audits.

  • Highly Configurable : BMMatrix is completely configurable base on complexity of business process and workflows in your organization. Three pre-configured versions are available as "Enterprise", "Corporate" and "Standard Edition".

  • Multi Location : Inventory Management and other key supply chain Activities support Multi Warehouses, Stores, Head office and locations in workflows. Central distribution and front stores can easily model their business with BMMatrix.

  • Multi Language : BMMatrix is Multilingual in both UI and end point key documents (e.g. Invoice and Client Statement). English, French and Spanish is supported for storing key data and interaction with users.

  • Multi Currency : BMMatrix support Multi Currency financial transactions and handle automatic currency conversion based on either transaction date rates or report date rates.

  • Intra-Enterprise & Inter-Enterprise Integration : BMMatrix fully integrate all business process workflows both inside company boarders and inter company transactions with clients, suppliers and carriers.

  • Personalization & Single Sign On : BMMatrix presents its services in a personalized fashion for each employee, client, supplier or business partner. With a single sign on it can operate as your enterprise portal

    and knows what should offer to, and how handle everyone who interact with your business.

  • Wireless Enabled : BMMatrix is available from Internet access points, not only PC based browsers, your business is streamlined to any thin client including WAP enabled PDAs and Mobile phones. (Anytime, Anywhere)

  • B2B & XML Enabled: BMMatrix Integration Server based on Oracle 9i XML technology exchanges business transactions with other applications or B2B trade zones.

  • Internet Enabled Workflow Broadcasting : Business triggers in BMMatrix workflows generate alerts and notifications that are sent to responsible roles inside or outside the enterprise. (Employee, Client, Supplier, Carrier). Notifications can be sent as Emails or logged to their personalized portal.

  • Multi Tier Architecture: Based on State of the Art J2EE and Oracle 9i Technology, Thin Clients, Application servers and Database Servers outline a real multi tier architecture, which is designed for Internet Economy.

  • Distribution & Retail ready for Internet Economy : With over a decade experience in Distribution Know-How and leveraging the state of the art Internet Technology created for e-Business, BMMatrix drives you into the second Industrial revolution at Internet speed.

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