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As an entire company transforms itself into an e-business, the finance organization plays a critical role. BMMatrix strategic synchronization of accounting and supply chain management provide the tools that your company needs to thrive and succeed in the internet economy and uniquely enable you to capitalize on global opportunities, drive enterprise profitability, and build a smarter business with the following Internet enabled key components:

General Ledger

BM General Ledger's feature-rich graphical user interface is easy to learn and packed with accelerators for power users. The intuitive windowing, mouse actions, icons, and built-in drilldown allow transactions and inquiries to flow naturally and quickly.

BM General Ledger enables global data management; it is a comprehensive financial management solution that dramatically enhances financial controls, data collection, information access, and financial reporting throughout your enterprise.

  • Define account structures online.
  • Customize each account structure, using Segments, Departments, Devision and Groups.
  • Define multiple Sites and Locations in your enterprise.
  • Create and maintain account hierarchies using an intutive powerfull web interface.
  • Define your accounting calendar, using configurable periods.
  • Import transactions from both BMMatrix and legacy feeder systems.
  • Convert multi-currency accurately.
  • Balancing journals automatically.
  • Require approval for selected journal entries prior to posting.
  • Control accounting periods: Multiple open periods, reopen periods, permanently close periods.
  • Maintain multiple exchange rates, including: Daily, period-end, historical, weighted-average.
  • Enter and report on transactions and balances in any currency.
  • Automatically convert currencies in journals and balances.
  • Submit ad hoc reports.
  • Define reports for multiple uses: Balance sheets, income statements, cash flows, expense analysis.
  • Run standard reports for: Trial balances, general ledgers, account analysis, journal analysis.
  • Publish reports to spreadsheets or the web automatically.
  • Perform drill-down inquiries: Summary accounts, detail accounts, journal entries, payables and receivables invoices, funds available, variance calculations.
  • Drill into transaction details from the BM subledgers which perform accounting.
  • Integrate with standard Financial Analyzer softwares.

Accounts Receivable

BM Receivables, an Internet enabled invoicing and collections management application, streamlines your order-to-cash process while providing strong financial controls and strategic financial information. Streamlining routine accounts receivables activities, such as invoicing, tax calculation, receipt application collections, and revenue recognition, dramatically reduces settlement cycle times and lowers administrative costs. Free your accounts receivable professionals from administrative tasks so they can spend more time on value-added activities like payment terms analysis, credit management, receipt analysis, and revenue management.

Flexibility to Support Your Business

  • Design custom views of data for each user or workgroup.
  • Configure to meet your needs .
  • Navigate by function or workflow.
  • Integrate with key applications: Order Managementm, eMarketplace, General Ledger, Client Portal.
  • Use optional sequential numbering.
  • Use optional gapless document numbering or gapless transaction numbering.
  • Archive and purge old data.
  • Use flexible address formats.

Accounting Controls

  • Use cash basis or accrual accounting.
  • Maintain and account for multiple sites.
  • Account for multiple currencies and exchange gains/losses.
  • Specify multiple open and future periods.
  • Transfer accounting activity to the general ledger any time in summary or detail.
  • Recognize revenue over multiple periods using invoice and accounting rules.
  • View accounting in journal entry or t-account format.
  • Define AutoAccounting rules for receivables, revenue, tax and freigh.

Invoice Processing

  • Receive automated Invoices from Order Management application.
  • Import transactions in batch via AutoInvoice.
  • Access and correct AutoInvoice exceptions through user-friendly windows.
  • Use folder forms for quick manual entry.
  • Create recurring invoices .
  • Create consolidated billing invoices.
  • Create credit memos.
  • Create sign-insensitive transactions.
  • Define tax hierarchy.
  • Define invoice formats easily with invoice print views.

Internet Receivables

  • Allow external customers and internal users access to receivables data through Private Hub.
  • Provide extensive web-style search capabilities for transaction data.
  • Provide indexed search for customer data.
  • Drill-down to interactive invoice.
  • Allow self-service invoice re-print.
  • Allow self-service invoice dispute.
  • Review real-time status of credit memo requests.

Credit Memo Request Workflow

  • Route credit memo requests to: collector, approval hierarchy,receivables professional.
  • Create Web and/ or email notifications for the next approver.
  • Notify the requester upon each milestone .
  • Store requester and approver comments.
  • Create credit memos automatically for approved requests.

Cash Application

  • Process receipts automatically: lockbox transmission, bill of exchange, direct debit, credit card
  • Match receipts to transactions by: transaction number, order number, purchase order number, consolidated bill number, custom number
  • Use AutoCash rules for: oldest invoice first application, exact matching on invoice, account clearing, past due invoice clearing,account clearing
  • Allow cross currency receipt and cross currency on account credit applications
  • Calculate gain and loss automatically
  • Adjust exchange rates
  • Use application rules for partial payments
  • Use earned and unearned discounts
  • Apply discount on specified line types
  • Submit standard or factored remittance
  • Define payment methods
  • Track bank remittances
  • Clear bank statement items automatically or manually
  • Create bank charges automatically
  • Allow miscellaneous receipts


  • Specify customer relationships
  • Enter addresses in country-specific formats
  • Enter unlimited address and contact information, including: remit-to addresses, business purposes, contact names, telephone numbers
  • Create customer credit profiles: payment terms, payment method information, finance charges
  • Copy credit profiles
  • Define sales territories
  • Default pertinent customer site information to transactions
  • Query customers using variable criteria

Enterprise Tax

  • Account for taxes on adjustments, discounts, finance charges, and miscellaneous transactions
  • Allow compounding tax
  • Allow tax exemptions and exceptions
  • Group multiple, conditional taxes
  • Account for sales and VAT tax
  • Defer tax liability.
  • Default tax code from revenue segment of natural account.
  • Default tax code hierarchy.
  • Enter and print line amounts that include tax.
  • Use flexible and user-definable tax reporting ledger.


  • View reports online.
  • Report across organizations.
  • Create accounting reports of agings, receipts, cash applications, and adjustments.
  • Use web-based, drill-about, business intelligence reports: Invoice Summary, Collections Indicators Report.

Accounts Payable

BM Payables, an expenditure management tool, streamlines your procure-to-pay process while providing strong financial controls and strategic financial information. Streamlining routine accounts payable transactions, such as invoice processing and supplier inquiries, dramatically reduces procurement cycle times and lowers administrative costs. Free your accounts payable professionals from administrative tasks, so they can spend more time on higher value-added activities like audit, control, and expenditure analysis.

Flexibility to Support Your Business

  • Design custom views of data for each user or workgroup.
  • Configure to meet your needs.
  • Integrate with key applications General Ledger, Purchasing, Cash Management, Supplier Portal, eMarketplace.


  • Receive electronic Bills via Supplier Portal XML Gateway.
  • Automatically generate recurring Bills.
  • Validate data through system approval.
  • Control for duplicate Bills.
  • Predefine distribution sets to automatically create charge lines for a Bill.
  • Create interest payments automatically.
  • Adjust Bills as needed.
  • Match credits to originating Bills.
  • Process and manage prepayments.
  • Cancel invoices on demand .
  • Recalculate scheduled payments.
  • Use sequential numbering.
  • Perform on-line inquiries.
  • On-line exception reporting .
  • Calculate and record sales, use and VAT with complete tax reporting .


  • Utilize supplier defaulting hierarchy.
  • Automatically format addresses based on supplier's country.
  • Set up tax reporting and withholding.
  • Set limits for Bill amounts.
  • Review current balances on-line.
  • Merge suppliers.
  • Use reports to review and audit supplier information and control duplicate records .
  • Provide self-service inquiry of invoice and payment status using Supplier Portal.

Purchase Order Matching

  • Optionally require purchase order matching.
  • Pay on receipt or advance shipment notice.
  • Automatically create debit memos for returned items.
  • Match at purchase order shipment, distribution, or receipt level.
  • Match credit and debit memos to purchase orders.

Financial Inteligence

BM Financial Intelligence provides a comprehensive overview of your strategic financial information in an easy to use web format. Managers need financial information to run their businesses.
Today's packaged applications provide data at the transactional level but do not provide a means for measuring business performance. Management's traditional methods of gathering data are slow and often result in missed opportunities. BM Financial Intelligence is pre-built decision support system for BM Financials allowing you to continually improve daily processes in your business. Information is accessible with easy to use pre-built intelligence Internet enabled reports.

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