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BM eMarketplace Hub is the premier choice for distributors & Retailers that want to create global, online marketplaces. Participants may buy and sell all types of goods swiss rolex replica and services at the best value, make better strategic decisions, and improve the bottom line in a vertical industry.
The variety of supported transactions range from complex auctions for configured production goods to high velocity, repetitive purchases of frequently used items. BM eMarketplace enable all trading partners to collaborate in real-time to deliver low cost, higher quality products and services to the market faster and more efficiently.
The BM eMarketplace Platform offers a full range of back end supply chain management products and services to build functionality rich B2B zones. Based on Oracle 9i technology with world-class security, availablity and high scalability, BM eMarketplace users gain the following benefits:

Benefits to Buyers

  • Obtain real time access to a global base of sellers.
  • Buy all goods and services at lower cost with new internet-based business practices such as rolex replica reverse auctioning.
  • In the future, share product design information in real-time, enabling trading partners to collaborate to reduce new product roll out cycles.

Benefits to Sellers

  • Gain access to new markets with no startup cost.
  • Reduce the cost of retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones.
  • Gain access to demand information from buyers to optimize resources and provide the lowest cost, on-time delivery of high quality products and services.

Common Benefits to All Participants

  • Increase sales revenue and profitability.
  • Reduce costs and streamline internal processes.
  • Squeeze time out of the supply chain by optimizing resource utilization and improving scheduling and cycle times.

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