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Complete, collaborative, intelligent and open

To survive in Internet economy, distributors are finding greater efficiency by moving beyond simple cooperation to collaboration. Business processes are not only seamlessly integrated across the enterprise, but also extend across the entire supply chain to include trading partners. BMMatrix provides distribution & Retail businesses with a modern Internet ready Supply Chain Management solution - so that you can deliver products and services faster, better and cheaper than the competitors. BM Supply Chain Management is based on Order Management , Inventory Managment and Purchasing:

Order Management :

BM Order Management offers distributors of all sizes and across all industries with an end-to-end integrated logistics and fulfillment solution. It manages demand across multiple channels - from call centres, direct sales and web stores. Full self-service access for both customers and carriers ensures complete visibility across the entire order to cash lifecyle.
BM Order Management allows you to:

  • Support for Complete Order to Cash Flow
    Multi-channel, configuration, rules-based pricing, global order promising
  • Enables Dynamic Business Processes
    Workflow-driven architecture, line-level controls
  • Integrated Supply Chain Logistics
    Line-level workflow with Inventory transfers between Multi Warehouses, Line-level workflow intergration with BM eProcurement, Self Service interaction of clients with 24x7 factor through Client Portal in BMMatrix Private Hub.

BM Order Management dramatically increases sales and distribution efficiency, reduces operational costs and improves customer service. Companies can not only meet, but even exceed customer expectations for delivery schedules and fill rates. And with FastForward implementation from BM Hosting Initiative, businesses can start taking advantage of these capabilities in just 60 days!

Inventory Management :

BM Inventory Management System (IMS) optimizes material handling business processes for warehouses and distribution centers and provides a true execution system for the management of your warehouse logistics. BM IMS supports both paper-based and highly automated environments with material handling systems and RF hand-held computers. BM IMS provides advanced stock Dynamic Quantity Attributes (DQA) such as In-Stock, Unavailable, Commited to Orders,total Orders, Back Orders, Incomming from Another Warehouse and On Order with Supplier with complete global visibility between employees, clients, suppliers and other partners in a personalized fashion. BM IMS has been designed to be highly flexible so that it can adapt to your specific needs. With BM Inventory Management System, distributors gain the following benefits:

  • Multi Warehouse Inventory Management.
  • Advanced Pricing System.
  • Comprehensive inbound, outbound, and reverse logistics.
  • Integrated Picking, Packing and Shipping logistics.
  • Easy to use automated interface for Mobile wireless hand-held computers.
  • Advanced Inventory Storage and Facility Management.
  • Faster and improved ROI through full, seamless integration and flexibl configuration capabilities.

BM Inventory Management is fully integrated with other BMMatrix solutions to provide comprehensive business solutions over the internet for your supply chain, customer relationship management, financial management and business intelligence needs. Using BMMatrix Supply Chain Management you can rapidly transform your business into an e-business and take full advantage of the power of the internet-based collaboration.


BM Purchasing is a complete procure-to-pay solution, offering end-to-end business automation. BM Procurement offers the broadest set of capabilities for procurement professionals, employees and suppliers, including Process Orders Which Require Purchasing (POWRP), Requests for Quote (RFQ), Supplier Portal ,Reverse Auction and desktop requisitioning and receiving, electronic invoicing, payment, and supplier collaboration.
BM Purchasing allows you to:

  • Source for Best Value
    Leverage a dynamic Vendor profile and performance integrated with Supplier Portal, eMarketplace and B2B Zone. Process Supplier Active Lists (SAL) and syncronize your Inventory with your partners.
  • Automate the Complete Procure to Pay Flow
    Apply workflow-driven direct and indirect requisition-to-payment processing Extend Efficiencies Through Supplier Collaboration, Provide portal access to procure-to-pay transactions with real time notifications and XML messaging.
  • Integrated with Order Management
    Automated purchase orders created based on order lines awaiting for purchasing. Business workflows completed by suppliers in Supplier Portal updates line-level status on relative sales order and receiving the merchandize in the warehouse fires order lines awaiting for it in order department.

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