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  BM Enterprise Portal
BMMatrix Private Hub takes the lead in delivering a new breed of enterprise portal. It provides a comprehensive platform, which represents data from internal business process workflows in a personalized fashion.
BMMatrix recognize any interaction with your business (Employee, Client, Supplier, Carrier) and provides a customized service for it. It can be an order desk employee who is placing an order via phone or a supplier updating his active product list, this way BMMatrix helps you to execute a complete e-Business strategy- not just providing information portals.
Imagine how much valuable time and money you spend to manage your company interface with your partners (Clients, suppliers. .. ). This happens by your key employees, and it's just matching request to information. BMMatrix replaces people who match requests (Outside) to Information (Inside) in your enterprise.
In contrast to enterprise information portals, BMMatrix Private Hub is an e-Business workflow centric portal designed for Distribution and Retail.

  • Single Sign on and Personalization applications, information and services.
  • Provides for all users including suppliers, customers, business partners and employees with a role-based personalized interface to everything they need to get their job done.
  • Extends the Availability of your e-Business for users acting in roles requiring information, applications and services on Web browsers and handheld devices, whether always connected or offline.
  • 100% Internet Enabled Based on State of the Art J2EE and Oracle 9i Internet Technology

Employee Portal

  • All Financial and Supply Chain Management Business Processes and Workflows are accessible from Employee Portal. BMMatrix recognizes the employee and his role and provides his daily tasks. So, BMMatrix is hosting your company and transform your company to an e-Company with complete location transparency for employees.
  • Personalized Internet content integration, configured by each employee creates a private area for them and transforms BMMatrix employee portal to a centralized console to do business, check web content, and all other services (which is increasing on a daily basis) from Web Service providers and Content integrators.

Client Portal

  • Configure their own profile and keep their private attributes update in your business.
  • Browse product catalog, which is configured and personalized for them.
  • Track the status of placed orders and monitor the flow of products in each line.
  • Place online order.
  • Receiving Invoices related to the shipped merchandize and updating it's payment status.
  • Retrieve their real time account status in your business.
  • Request for credit and terms.
  • Sales, analytical and statistical reports from their transactions and history in your business. (Business Intelligence)

Supplier Portal:

  • Configure their own profile and keep their private attributes update in your business.
  • Update their Product "Active List" containing price, availability, specifications and other terms and conditions.
  • Browse your Inventory which is personalized and configured for them in order to create VMI. (Vendor Managed Inventory)
  • Review RFQs (Request for Quote), which your purchase department has placed in your private hub for regular suppliers RFQ and issue quotations for them before RFQ active date.
  • Monitoring the lowest price quotation issued by a competitor and having the option to issue another quotation before RFQ active date, creates a reverse auction in your private hub.
  • Monitoring the status of finalized purchase order in your organization and updating PO status in their own company until receipt of merchandize in your warehouse, streamline your supply chain you're your partners at Internet speed.
  • Placing Bills related to each purchase on your private hub and tracking it's status until cash disbursement and printing the check.

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