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  BM e-Procurement
BM eProcurement solution saves companies money and increases efficiencies. Leveraging the combined power of BM Purchasing, BMMatrix Supplier Portal, BM eMarketplace and BMMatrix B2B zone companies can buy all types of goods and services at the best value, make better strategic decisions, and improve the bottom line.

BM eProcurement is the complete procure-to-pay solution for distribution and Retail businesses offering end-to-end business automation. It offers the broadest set of capabilities for procurement professionals, employees and suppliers, including global spend analysis, strategic sourcing, reverse auction, desktop requisitioning and receiving, electronic invoicing, payment, and supplier collaboration.

These offerings automate and centralize procurement functions such as sourcing, approval routing, purchasing and payments while decentralizing the requisitioning and receiving process. This frees up your procurement and accounting professionals to engage in value-added tasks such as analyzing total spend and managing supplier relationships. BM eProcurement enables your organization to save up to 20 percent or more on your total purchasing costs.

Internet Procurement

BM Internet Procurement provides the next generation of self-service requisitioning capability with an intuitive Internet enabled interface. It is a key component of the complete Internet based procure-to-pay solution that helps your employees process requisitions, purchase orders, RFQs, quotations, and receipts quickly and efficiently.
Internet Procurement allows you to:

  • Streamlines the entire purchasing process.
  • Implements self-service model to achieve processing efficiency.
  • Locate the right products from approved vendors at the right prices .
  • Improves productivity dramatically with easier access to critical information .

BM Internet Procurement uses a powerful J2EE backend engine and multi-supplier self-guiding catalog capabilities in BM eMarketplace, which are optimized for self-service deployment. With only a web browser or any Internet enabled Wireless device to access BM Internet Procurement, users quickly find goods and services, add them to the shopping card, and follow a simple checkout process to make purchases or place RFQs in their Private Hub or B2B exchange zones to be processed and quoted by the supplier community.
BM Internet Procurement allows you to:

  • Source for Best Value
    Leverage BM powerfull sourcing channels with negotiation support in both Supplier Portal and Collaborative B2B trade zone.
  • Automate the Complete Procure to Pay Flow
    Apply workflow-driven direct and indirect requisition-to-payment processing.
  • Extend Efficiencies Through Supplier Collaboration
    Provide portal access to procure-to-pay transactions with real time notifications and XML messaging.
  • Identify Savings and Supplier Improvement Opportunities
    Employ integrated spend analysis and supplier performance tracking.

With complete supplier collaboration in "Procure-to-Pay" through Private and Public Hubs BMMatrix automates your entire purchasing process in just 30 days. Procure to Pay includes pre-negotiated supplier catalogs with low prices for indirect materials and connections to banks for electronic payments, allowing you to dramatically reduce costs and improve efficiencies with suppliers.

BM Purchasing

BM Purchasing is a key component of the complete Internet-based eProcurement solution that helps you process requisitions, purchase orders, RFQs, quotations, and receipts quickly and efficiently. The automation and simplification of routine transactions enables you to focus purchasing department resources on strategic tasks such as effective contract negotiations, strategic sourcing, and value added analyses. BM Purchasing allows you to:

  • Increases strategic focus by automating and simplifying routine transactions.
  • Streamlines business flows with order management workflow.
  • Optimizes productivity with complete procure-to-pay automation .
  • Achieves comprehensive enterprise-wide XML integration with other ERP systems.
  • Supports global operations with multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities .

BM Purchasing enables workflow-driven direct and indirect procurement with easily defined and implemented business policies that streamline the entire procure-to-pay process. Workflow processes can easily be modified to adapt to business changes and support continuous improvement.

BM Purchasing Intelligence

BM Purchasing Intelligence part of BM eProcurement solution, enables distributors and retailers to analyze spending across the enterprise and help identify savings opportunities. Purchasing Intelligence is a web based analysis and reporting tool for procurement professionals to help them deliver world class spend performance to their organization.
BM Purchasing Intelligence allows you to:

  • Reduce and control costs by identifying savings opportunities .
  • Analyze enterprise procurement data to maximize profits .
  • Monitor performance to reduce buying outside of corporate contracts .
  • Consolidate spending data to negotiate from a position of strength.
  • Evaluate corporate contracts performance.
  • Improve supplier relationship management.

Users benefit from an improved ability to identify savings opportunities, the knowledge necessary to negotiate procurement contracts from a position of strength, and a reduction in the amount of buying outside of corporate agreements. Created to serve the needs of various users (from executives to business analysts), Purchasing Intelligence includes pre-built analyses, configuration options and several analytical tools.

BM Supplier Portal

Through the use of a standard Web browser, BM Supplier Portal, part of BM eProcurement solution, gives suppliers complete visibility into the procure-to-pay process. Suppliers can perform common business functions, include reviewing purchase agreements, tracking inventory balances, and verifying receipts. BM Supplier Portal allows you to:

  • Delivers trading partner self-service for transaction processing.
  • Extends process efficiencies across the entire supply chain .
  • Strengthens supplier relationships, increases quality, and lowers costs.
  • Allows Web-based trading partner collaboration.

The system delivers the benefits of a self-service model throughout the supply chain by providing vendors direct and secure access to your systems. Suppliers can proactively learn about their level of service regarding the progress of long-term agreements, time-critical delivery information, purchase order changes, and RFQs.

BM Payables

BM Payables is an expenditure management tool that streamlines the procure-to-pay process while providing strong financial controls and strategic financial information. BM Payables is part of BMMatrix, an integrated suite of internet applications designed to transform your business to an e-business. BM Payables allows you to:

  • Reduce procurement cycle times by up to 25%.
  • Pay invoices automatically upon receipts .
  • Reduce transaction processing costs.
  • Improve cash management .

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