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  BMMatrix B2B Public Hub

To succeed in the internet economy, organizations need to quickly communicate and share information with their trading partners. With the user-friendly, reliable BMMatrix B2B Public Hub, organizations conduct business rapidly and efficiently over the internet.
Cross reference products, clients and suppliers enables organizations to most effectively collaborate in real-time to deliver lower cost, higher quality products and services to the market faster.

Public Hub Revolution

BMMatrix Business to Business (B2B) Public Hub is online, collaborative environments that enable companies to come together and conduct business over the internet. The business activities can range from buying and selling, to supply chain planning.
As such, companies can significantly reduce costs and increase profitability, while extending market reach and streamlining their supply chains. To succeed in the internet economy, companies need to communicate and share information with their trading partners in real time.

Prior to the advent of Public Hubs, companies were required to use more traditional means of communication, preventing them from being agile enough to respond to rapidly changing market conditions and to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.
In fact, the only way to enable this communication was with point-to-point legacy system integration between a limited number of trading partners. This is a very costly and time consuming endeavor.
With the introduction of online B2B Public Hubs, companies have the ability to reach a global market in a vertical industry without worrying about integrating to their trading partners' Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Now companies can conduct business much more quickly and efficiently by automating the collaborative processes that occur between businesses and sharing information via common electronic XML formats that can be incorporated into any system.

BMMatrix B2B Public Hub

BMMatrix B2B Public Hub is a trade zone for companies who take advantage of BMMatrix eBusiness Solutions that want to create global, online marketplaces and connect their supply chains via the internet.
BMMatrix B2B Public Hub offers a full range of supply chain automation products and services to build functionally rich business-to-business zones in a vertical industry, leveraging Oracle 9i technology for world-class security, availability and high scalabilty.

BMMatrix B2B Public Hub Capabilities:

The deep functionality of BMMatrix B2B Public Hub is arranged in several categories such as: Exchange Operations, Billing and Revenue Collection, Marketplace Purchases, Buyer/Reverse Auctions or Requests for Quotation, Seller/Forward Auctions, Catalog Management, and Marketplace Intelligence.
One example of the functionality includes the unified catalog in the Public Hub which allows content to be aggregated from multiple sellers into a single catalog. Sellers can load their catalog content once to reach the entire buying community.
Participants can conduct a variety of transactions that range from complex auctions for configured production goods, or high velocity, repetitive purchases of frequently used items. The Public Hub also provides online instructions, sample files and pre-formatted templates for creating auctions and off-line bids.

BMMatrix B2B Public Hub Platform:

The BMMatrix B2B Public Hub platform is based on Oracle 9i, the world's most powerful, scalable, and secure database for the Internet. Not only is it capable of ensuring the privacy and security of data for all hub participants, it is capable of managing the hundreds of millions of transactions annually that may be processed on an public hub. The hub utilizes multiple communication formats and supports open standards with XML transactions.

Hosting, Support and Maintenance:

BM hosting initiative partners have created a complete hosting environment capable of supporting global public hubs, no matter in what region of the world they operate. IMS also provides on-going support to its public hubs and maintains them as needed, providing business and technology updates to all participants on the hubs in real time.

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