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OK Everybody, Focus on the Customer

Consumers have never been more in control. They have come to expect superb quality, selection, and service. And they're perfectly willing to abandon any retailer that can't deliver. In today's market, there's no margin for error. That's why smart retailers are shifting their strategic focus from product to customer -- and completely re-engineering the way they meet customer needs.

Every piece of your retail value chain, from forecasting and planning to allocation and replenishment, must be focused on meeting and surpassing customer expectations. You need a comprehensive backend solution designed specifically for the new retail environment.

BM Retail is that e-Business solution. Combining supply chain logic with customer relationship management, BM Retail helps you do it all -- from streamlining your back office data with front stores to leveraging customer data to exploiting multiple sales channels.
Integrated with the versatility of BMMatrix e-business solutions, BM Retail is the ideal solution for Distributors & Retailers that lets you focus completely on your customers -- while cutting costs and maintaining growth. BM Retail is built of three components:

BM POS Module

BM POS Module is the interface point of BMMatrix e-Business solution and Front Store. All supply chain management business processes and complex workflows of BMMatrix can be applied as a back office solution for retail businesses. BM POS streamline the flow of information between back office and the front store. As an Internet enabled interface BM POS prepare the data in both directions: Downloads from BMMatrix to POS (Products, Clients, Departments, …) and uploads from POS to BMMatrix (Retail Journals, Sales Transactions, ..). BM POS module is completely independent of your POS (Hardware/Software) and can be accessed from all Internet enabled endpoint devices like Mobile PDA or phones.


BM Cash Register Gateway (CRG) as part of BM B2B Integration Server and a message broker center, uses latest B2B standards to act as a communication center between BM POS module and your POS. BM CRG is completely Internet and XML enabled and can easily communicate with any POS in the market through POS Adaptors.

POS Adaptors

POS Adaptors translate BM CRG XML data to your POS specific format and undrestand your POS generated data which should be sent to BM CRG and back office system.

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