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e-Business with powerful, flexible Technology

BMMatrix with a complete Multi-Tier architecture is using state of the art Internet technology based on Oracle 9i Platform. In fact it utilizes Internet as the next generation platform for your mission critical applications.
Internet technology enables BMMatrix to host your entire business on the Internet. BMMatrix Technology utilizes the Internet as the access infrastructure to reach your business applications running in your data center service infrastructures. Using the Internet as your access infrastructure, you and all your employees have global access to your organization's data and applications so that all locations and offices from around the world can utilize the same application and database on a real-time basis.
Using the Internet to host your applications enables you to implement and deploy B2B and B2C strategies quickly and with ease to exchange information with your suppliers, customers as well as all other related business partners.

Fully- Integrated Solution

BMMatrix a software as service , integrates, supports, and enhances all layers of the technology in a coordinated approach to deliver the highest possible quality of security, availability and scalability. These include the Oracle9i database, Oracle 9i Application Server, complimentary J2EE server components, data warehousing, XML Integration, decision support and workflow. All of these pieces are made to work with one another.

Protect Your Investment

Since Oracle's software architecture is built on open, industry standards, BMMatrix customers can leverage these investments across the enterprise. Whether you need to integrate a custom extension to BMMatrix Applications, outsource your IT departments to BSPs or build a standalone enterprise application, your investment in BMMatrixe technology can be leveraged; saving your company money. Best of all, because the underlying technology is delivered with new releases of the BMMatrix you automatically keep pace with the industry.

Performance, Scalability, Availability & Security

Knowing that optimized and intelligent interface between Database and Application Server is the major contributor to the overall speed and functionality of an Internet e-Business application, BMMatrix utilizes the Oracle 9i Platform and take advantage of completely synchronized 9i Database Engine and 9i AS.
The platform which is one of the most advanced Internet based e-Business platforms available in the market today,The Oracle 9i Platform enables BMMatrix to provide all users with fast, efficient and real-time web access to their information. Searches, reports and all other business activity are made faster and conducted reliably using the 9i technology. Oracle 9i technology ensures database integrity and 24 hours 7 days a week availability. BMMatrix ensures that all data and business transactions are safe and secure using J2EE & Oracle specific security standards from your browsers to data tier.

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