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What is e-Business ?

e-Businesses connect customers, internal operations, and suppliers online, adopting Internet business practices that fundamentally change the way business is done. They unify all business processes. They leverage the power of the Internet to improve efficiency, reduce costs, expand markets, and retain customers.

BMMatrix e-Business Trade Zone

BMMatrix e-Business Trade Zone is an online zone that runs entirely on the Internet -- for a solution that's simple, complete and designed to get you moving at Internet speed. Creating a web store is only the first step in transforming your business into a successful
e-business. The real challenge is to create an efficient, responsive supply chain -- linking all your customers, suppliers, factories, stores, warehouses, distributors, carriers and other trading partners.
BMMatrix online trade zone offers one of the best fully integrated, end-to-end Internet-based supply chain management solutions designed to help you succeed as an e-business. Transform your entire business process -- from demand capture to delivery and customer service. It uses the Internet to provide global visibility and instantaneous information exchange across the supply chain, so you can focus on delivering high-quality products in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

Your Company

MMatrix online e-business trade zone, dedicated to distribution and retail business, leverages power of BMMatrix as native ERP and supply chain automation software. "Your Company " area lets you run Intra-Company business functions with a hosting model.(Anywhere, Anytime)

Private Hub

Streamline your company with Suppliers, Clients and Partners by using "Private Hub" which has been powered by BM2EE. These user specific portals provide global visibility for your business and make you transparent in the community of your partners.


Buyers and sellers can easily use the zone's "e-Marketplace" area to setup their online catalogs in less than one hour. CyberStore the premier choice for retail and distribution businesses that provides global online e-commerce zone for collaborative supply chain exchanges. Participants may buy and sell all types of goods and services at the best value, make better strategic decisions, and improve the bottom line.

B2B Collaboration

You can easily enhance existing business relationships as well as build new ones. BMMatrix e-Business trade zone offers a "B2B Collaboration" area that delivers much more than a place to buy and sell goods. This collaborative commerce network addresses a public hub, which covers your entire business, providing a foundation towards accelerating your operations at Internet speed. Our B2B core services span a broad range of real collaboration.

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