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Folgend ist eine Darstellung unserer Kunden. Brauchen Sie eine Flash Lösung wie Easyrentafone? Web site und Backend System Integration wie Mareno's Order Tracking System? Eine datanbank-betriebene Website mit einem ASP Front-end System, wie PassG60 or Askauto? Diese sind einige von mehreren Lösungen die Generation Ihnen bieten kann.
Customer: Askauto
Askauto, a research company in the automotive industry, needed an alternative medium to sell its research findings about car companies, parts information, and industry insights. Their current CD-Rom distribution method had several shortcomings: a lack of feedback about customer needs, the inability to manage content continuously and provide customers with up-to-the-minute news.
In a 3-stage development phase Generation designed the Askauto web site complete with a web-based content management system. Now serving as a portal where buyers and sellers can meet, the Askauto web site provides users access to a database full of automotive information, up-to-the-minute industry headlines, and an online shop. The front-end online portal takes advantage of ASP technology, while the backend system is powered by SQL Server 7. Askauto now had the ability to provide its users with customized information based on their needs as soon as it is available, without having to wait for the next CD-Rom to be published.
Customer: Mike Goldsmith
Problem: Mike Goldsmith, a financial consultant and manager of ASFA wanted to build a web site with an integrated web application in the form of an online quiz game. In addition, it was to enable the storing of member details, quiz data and the distribution of a weekly online newsletter.
Solution: Within 2 weeks the PassG60.com web site was up and running and hosted on Generation's own fast and reliable web servers. With our programmer's expertise in ASP, database development using Microsoft Access and Java we developed a single and multiplayer game module. In addition, Generation developed a web-based content management system, which allowed the administrator to update site information, control the look and feel of the site, oversee member details and add contents through his onshore position through any web browser. The PassG60 web site has experienced a tremendous growth in participants and continues its mission of providing users with a quality educational experience.
Customer: Mareno Indonesia
Problem: Mareno, an exclusive exporter of wooden products and wood related products, had a vision of enhancing its service in the customer relations' area. Using the Internet to provide their customers with up-to-date information about orders was the challenge given to Generation.
Solution: During a project that lasted 6 weeks Generation developed the Mareno Indonesia web site with an integrated online order tracking system. The system consisted of two parts: an online system powered by ASP with a Microsoft Access database, and a back-office input system with information about clients, payments and order processing schedules manageable by an operator. Implementing the system has brought about a major improvement in Mareno's relationship with its customers, with added sales traffic from the new web site.
Customer: A.F.P.C.
Problem: AFPC, a supplier of BPP publishing study material in the UK saw the need to upgrade their existing web site in order to manage site content in a more timely and efficient manner. In addition, the site's user interface needed a major face-lift.
Solution: Generation's web development team is currently working on the AFPC web site. With the conception of a new user interface and a web-based content management system, Generation has provided AFPC with the ability to update the look and feel of their site. Adding menu items to its navigation system, uploading resources to the member section, and updating site content has become as easy as browsing, thanks to the web-based content management system developed by Generation. The member section allows users access to a wealth of study material that can be updated whenever needed by the administrator.
Unsere Kunden-Darstellung unterschtüzt und komplimentiert den Erfolg den wir im Bereich von Service und Projekt Implementation erzielt haben. Bei Generation, sind wir uns an Zeitpläne und 24-Stunden Kundenservice verpflichtet. Unsere Philosophie ist, eine Geschäftpartnershaft mit unsern Kunden zu erzielen, damit Sie Ihr maximales Geschäfts-potential erreichen.

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