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Featured course:
Klub Golf Bogor Raya

JL. Raya Sukabumi Km70
Bogor West Java Indonesia

After an easy 40-minute drive from Central Jakarta we arrived at the Klub Golf Bogor Raya, located within an integrated housing complex just off the Jagorawi Toll Road. A couple more minutes driving passed luxurious homes in gated communities and vast stretches of undeveloped property, we finally reached the club entrance. The structure was reminiscent of an exotic tourist resort somewhere in Bali.

A friendly porter greeted us, when the BMW's and Lexus' parked under VIP signs on both sides of the entrance brought a thought to my mind: I sure had a lot of guts bringing my well-below-par-so-so game to this up-scale place!

Tel: 0251-271 888
Fax: 0251-271 777

Design: Graham Marsh Golf Design
Opened in: 1993
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But the enthusiasm we all brought in anticipation of spending a sunny day on this beautiful golf course made us forget about our lousy handicaps. All we wanted was a fun round of golf, and if we didn't have the game, we sure had the style.

That enthusiasm was softened a bit, when at the proshop we learned of the new Rp.250,000.00 green fee they now charge. For our amateur budgets that move prevented us from picking up any souveniers from the the well-stocked proshop. Yet, the professional and kind treatment we continued to receive reassured us that we were getting value for our money.

So we headed for the locker rooms where
an airconditioned hall boasted exquisite lockers, individual showers and a comfortable sitting section with a big TV. The restful atmostphere, maybe brought about by the lack of people present, and the size of the whole venue added to the grandness and luxurious quality that was almost worth the green fee price alone.

Four well-equipped caddies and two carts awaited us at the starting ground. After getting refreshments from the sportsbar we headed off to the first tee. Beside the constant giggling by the caddies and loud cursing by us players, the first nine holes went without injury, accidents or broken equipment.

Driving the golf carts through the designated paths proved just as much fun as hitting a 9-iron and made up for the occasional miss-hits and lost balls here and there.

My lasting impression of the course were challenging long drives, difficult approaches, hard to read greens, and quite a few bunkers too many for our games. But then again, I'm not saying this course is too difficult for the average golfer. Any course can seem challenging when you play it for the first time, especially for us amateurs. The four sets of tee boxes, black, blue, red, white will cater to the varying skill levels of players.

This 18-hole golf course measures 6195 metres, is a par-71 and uses Bermuda Tiffway 419 for its fairways and Bermuda Tiffway for its greens.

We completed the course in under 5 hours under the mercy of the hot sun and realized we had a lot to learn before we could truly appreciate the features of this amazing course. We concluded the afternoon with a tasty lunch at the Tondano restaurant before heading for the showers.

All in all, Klub Golf Bogor Raya delivered an enjoyable experience. The facility includes a practice range, putting greens, and a Proprietary Members Club, but no night golfing is available. The course is located at an altitude of 500 metres above sea level, which allows for a fantastic mountain view and fresh air, a great change from the bustling metropolis. Just remember to bring your sunscreen! ***


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