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Reaching new markets, meeting customer demands, lowering transaction costs, these are the reasons why you need to enable your business for today's new e-markets and e-procurement systems. But to compete effectively in this new e-world, you need an efficient way to interact with your customer, and also deliver your customized catalogues to these new and important sales channels.
The quality of a product and hard facts will not guarantee your company success. On the contrary, the decisive factor will be a company's softer assets - its ability to live up to the customers' image of a good company as one that satisfies their needs, wishes, even dreams, in the best possible manner. Indeed, modern sales force members face their greatest challenge when they meet knowledgeable, involved, and critical buyers. And Generation Customer Relationship Management Module displays the integrated "intelligence" to support the development of good customer relations.
Generation Customer Relationship Management Module manages the customer interaction chain from the sales lead through the sales cycle to the ongoing support and service of the customer, by combining the ability to control and develop your company's business processes with the capacity to establish, enhance, and even transform customer relationships.

The system has the following sub modules,

  • Electronic catalogue
  • Remote Sales Force Support
  • Quotation Handling
  • Purchase Order, Sales contract and Running Order handling
  • Sales Order Management
  • Invoice and customer payment
  • Delivery Scheduling

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