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  Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is made up of all the activities that are required to deliver products to the customer. Anyone, anything, anywhere that influences a product's time-to-market, price, quality, information exchange, and delivery, among other activities is part of the supply chain. Effectively integrating the information and material flows within the demand and supply process is what Supply Chain Management is all about.The very essence of Generation Supply Chain Management Module is effective information and material flow throughout a network of suppliers. It offers high speed and low cost communication and collaboration with your suppliers and internally among departments within your company, providing the right amount of relevant information to those who and when they need to know it.

Generation Supply Chain Management Module will have your company and your suppliers seamlessly linked together, exchanging information almost instantly. Fast access to relevant supply chain information can pay-off handsomely in lower costs, less inventory, higher quality decision-making, shorter cycle times and better customer service.

The system has the following sub modules,

  • Inventory management
  • Incoming and outgoing goods management
  • Inventory optimisation
  • Inquiry, purchase order and sales contract handling
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Order tracking
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Invoice matching and Vouchering
  • Payment and notification

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