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Actinic Catalog secure, flexible shoppingcart systems

Generation can develop your online shoppingcart system with Actinic Catalog 5 software. Its cost-effectiveness, ease-of-use, integrated security features, flexibility and comprehensiveness makes it suitable for e-commerce enabled sites in the small to medium-sized businesses category. Read on to learn whether Actinic Catalog 5 is the right solution for you.

Catalog reduces business risk in your e-commerce venture
Actinic Catalog e-commerce systems come with a low cost of investment, which releases funds for the hosting, design and marketing services required to make an e-commerce site successful. With a one-off low price and no monthly rental charges catalogue maintenance costs are kept low.

Familiar Windows user-interface
You'll work in the familiar environment of a Windows user-interface, which makes updating prodcut catalogs easy from any PC. Once Generation has built your e-commerce system to your requirements, you are able to rapidly change the contents of your online shop. Anyone browsing the Internet can view your products and place orders with the click of a mouse.

Integrated Security and SSL
Generation is aware of the security concerns our customers may have about selling online. Actinic Catalog answers these concerns with integrated bank-approved 128-bit security, while alternatively supporting SSL. In addition, with Actinic Catalog 5 you have the ability to limit certain payment methods to specific locations in order to cut down on fraud. Our customers are reassured that paying over the Internet is secure.

Online Billing options
Integrating with market leading payment gateways for real-time credit card processing. Increase your sales traffic by providing customers the ability to pay conveniently and safely over the Internet.

Make your e-shop as unique as your buisness with full customization
With the ability to run catalogues alongside your existing web site, there is no need to completely redesign your company's web site. Other aspects of design flexibility include the ability to produce sites in languages other than English, complete control over every message produced by the software at the web site, and the ability to run multiple Catalog instances from a single PC. Additionally, Actinic Catalog allows pricing to be done in any two currencies and also provides comprehensive taxation options.

Want to know how fast Generation can make your e-commerce dreams come true? Write us to find out or send us your project specifications for a free price quote.

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